Yorkshire Publishing

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Ryan at Yorkshire publishing is running a little writing competition and I’ve made it through to the second round with 15 other lucky individuals.


Thanks Ryan


Company Overview:If you have ever dreamed of publishing that one book that burns within you, or you have a list of books that you have written and would like to pursue book publishing, we would like to introduce you to the qualified book publishing team at Yorkshire Publishing.

With more than 50 years combined experience in the book publishing industry, members of this team have developed projects for many New York Times best-selling authors.

918.394.2665 918.394.2665
800.651.4959 800.651.4959
Mission:Yorkshire Publishing is a team experienced with book publishing who are committed to helping authors and speakers self-publish quality books that will inspire the reader, are very attractive and will fit within the author’s book publishing budget.

We have the book publishing experience, you have the manuscript, and we can help you with all of your book publishing needs. Let us prove to you what we can do! Products:Publishing:

Children’s Books

Publishing Services:

Web Design
Cover Design
Writing Coach
Press Release
Sermon to Book
Printing Consultation
Publicity and Marketing
Marketing Copy Assistance
Agent Query Letter Assitance
Distribution Channel Assitance


Caffine and Newtech – my best friends

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In the last month the day job (some may say the real job) has been taking a considerable amount of time and I’ve had very little for other indulgences. But I did manage a few things:
– I went to Melbourne with Louizex to launch the book in Australia. A Fantastic trip where I consumed two weeks of alchohol in two days and wondered why the rest was a blur.
– I spent a few days working on my hobby car. Long days with much sanding/grinding/priming/sweating and thankfully not too much swearing.
– I got the cover for book3 of LouizeX underway. Yes book two is not completed yet, I like to be ahead of the game.

Its in doing all these things at a time where I am the most busiest….oh did I forget to mention I’ve been push-biking to work every day to try and work off the extra kilos!…when I stop to give thanks to those things that help me out. The winners for the last month…. Newtech and caffine!

– a fantastic body filler I’ve been using for years now that just makes working on cars sooooo easy.

Caffine – needs no explanation!

Back to the real job now!

Off to see Avatar

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It’s a quiet Friday afternoon and I’m taking the rest of the day off my day job to go and watch the movie Avatar with @louizex. we’ll probably end up down at a bar in the Viaduct having dinner/drinks this evening so Saturday morning could be full of “sleep-ins”. The last couple of weeks of work have been busy, but fruitful and I’m now looking forward to getting back into a “writing” mindset. I’ve lots of stories circling in my head and I’ve not had the time to put them down on paper, so this weekend its time to lay out some characters, story-lines and start putting some black pixels on white.

Back at the coal face

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Well its been a hectic day back at the coalface, the first working day for me in 2010. I had a great break, lots of R&R so now its “Hello world” again and back to the routine…

I’ve been remiss

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Its Friday night after a long week, the first Auckland Tweetup is in progress and I’m at home, having a wine. It’s not that I didn’t want to attend, its just that the weather is shocking (Actually quite disturbing) and I’m quite looking forward to a relaxing night at home. There is the soft chatter of children mixed with the heavy drumming of rain from above, the wind is whipping up a storm and the sails are flapping madly. It’s one of those hot chocolate and fireplace nights, but I don’t have either.
The week has gone well though, my crews at work have done a fantastic job and we are now set up well for the new year. My writing took a back seat this week, but there is so much on the tip of my tongue just itching for some pen-on-paper time, I’ll get to it this week, perhaps
So goodnight to all, stay safe, be well.

Looong day

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Struggled through the day today, productivity at an all time low, was it the light beer, the dark beer, the 5 varieties all up, before the non-beer and the bubbles, or perhaps all the fantastically rich food, fudge, strawberries…. More likely it was a mixture of all of this…

It was an excellent party though, something to be proud of, well done to the team!

Book reading with a difference

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Last night I had the opportunity to witness what was certainly a interesting event. Yes, I helped organize it, yes I know the author, and yes I knew a good portion of the people that attended. What made it different was the sheer absurdity of the event, well on paper it looks it, picture this: Louize is going to read from her book, an erotic fiction come chic-lit story of a late 30’s married women going through a crisis. She’s going to read this, at a small but popular bar downtown Auckland, seated on a stool, on the bar, right next to the pole and fairly close to the moose head sprouting from the wall. Any ladies reading this may think, ‘oh ok, just not in heels and dress right’, you guessed it, she did it. So the crowd has been warming up for some time, the bar is full and there is an air of expectation, when she breezes into the bar..to cut a long story short she pulled it off, not only did she pull it off in these unusual circumstances, but she had to cope with getting up on the bar (heels, dress, and the chandelier), sitting way up there for 10mins while they fixed the microphone, talk about last minute blues. She handled it perfectly, sitting a good 8 foot up, smiling and chatting, before grasping the mic loosely in her hand and reading confidently through a very ‘sensible to downright graphic’ passage of her book “Rules Are Made To Be Broken”.

Kudos to you Louize, you did a fantastic job and proved that your up to the task, cant wait to see what you’ll do next.

Thanks so much to the crew at indians bar and to Louize for a fantastic evening.

And thanks so much to all the people that attended.